Friday, July 08, 2005

Debating about where to start

Being new to blogging, I am fighting an urge that wants to create a web site-like appearance. "That's not what a blog is to be.", says the rigid me. Nonetheless, to develop a habit of coming in and writing something, I trust that over time a certain character and identity will develop and evolve.

It seems that the debate has been resolved. What's past is past, and let it exist where it lies or gather it to another type of venue.

Rainy day and cloudy night. Took a peek out at the sky and put the bins on the red-tail hawks nest. Clouds were moving through, it appears as if tomorrow could be a bright, sunny day; however the forecast says differently. They've been wrong before. I couldn't get a clear view of the hawks since it is dark out and the magnification from the bins is not large enough for me, especially with my birding skills. I am not a birder.

Had planned for observing the young moon on the 7th but the weather was disagreeable. Perhaps I can plan for next month. What I have been learning about young, and old, moons has come come primarily from Guy Ottewell's Astronomical Calendar. I am an admirer of his work, in addition to works of many others.

Also, I look forward to another sunny, clear weekend morning to go off to the park where Arissa & I firefly hunt to catch more sights of the rising Sun and Venus.