Wednesday, October 26, 2005

Panoramas of TotL

I took these photos on Sunday from where my scope is typically situated at TotL. This is from the north end of the Great Lawn.

It was pretty funny when Martha and John, familiar pedestrians, a wife-n-husband writer/photographer team, saw me setup with the Bogen 3221 and a tiny Digital Elph S200 propped up on top. "Pretty heavy camera". Well, I was voiceless - caught off guard. When I think about it I continue to chuckle.

The original tiff and jpeg files view nicely in Windows Picture and Fax Viewer, able to take zooming well. These images uploaded don't seem to take it well. Nonetheless, I hope that one can get a sense of where we view from.

This is a panorama image which wraps from Celestial N to Celestial SW, or in terms of Manhattan, NNW to S. This photo shows the parts of the sky I observe most. Behind the man with the glove on the right side of the photo is the part of the sky known as the "Corridor". The Corridor is N to NE and is the darkest . To the right of center, one can see of the sky Celestial ESE to SSW. The trees obstruct the horizon better than 20° from ENE to ESE.

This is panorama image wraps more than 360° from where I took the pictures. One will notice how the buildings to manhattan-South are shown on both ends of image. The pinched center shows the Corridor, the sidewalk left of center leads manhattan-West and the sidewalk right of center leads to manhattan-east. The sidewalk wraps the circumference of the Great Lawn, which is visible on both ends of the photo.