Sunday, March 12, 2006

20060311 - Day trip to the Promenade

Session Name: 20060311.1530

Earlier in the morning, Charlie & Kin had observed Comet Pojmanski and other objects from Carl Schurz Park (CSP). I had missed the email and thus missed them. From an eMail by Kin and Charlie's report, it sounded like a successful event.

I like the John Finley Walk, having called this the promenade in the past. I typically enter the park from the 86th St. entrance and set up anywhere along where the map reads Finley. From here there are great views to the NE, looking through the Triborough Bridge down to the SSW where Queensborough Bridge stands in the distance. Most of the <- eastern -> horizon is below us though the sky is schmucky up to about 4° ~ 6°. Some fantastic looking sunrises. The atmosphere attenuates the disk enough for naked eye and the turbulent air about the bridge distorts the solar disk's shape.

During morning events we start off on our own, on rare ocassion a passerby or maybe a police car will happen by. As twilight rises and the hours pass, pedestarian traffic picks up. I imagine most are residents of this community and they're truly friendly and inquisitive persons. Daytime events, like this outing draws many of the same type. Today's warm weather brought out the numbers out to jog, read on the benches, run the dogs toss & kick balls, and observe & sketch Moon.

I persevere with lunar sketching and identifying the major features. I still need to reference an atlas for most features other than the most obvious ones like maria, ray craters, one lacus, and one sinus.