Monday, September 25, 2006

the sky mirror in rockefeller center

I walk through Rockefeller Center twice a day most days - on my way to and on returning from work. Rockefeller Center hosts a lot of installations throughout the year. Sometimes the plaza from where this photo's eye stands is filled with television stage, art installations, rocket ships, automobiles, memorials, and Christmas trees. The alleyway seen across the sunken plaza (double duties between cafe and ice rink) is the other area where installations find themselves such as this huge Sky Mirror by Anish Kapoor and organized by Public Art Fund.

Credits to Anish Kapoor & enablers

Standing in that alleyway much closer to the Sky Mirror. This is the concave side.

Here is a view from Fifth Ave. looking west - the rear of the mirror with Rockefeller Center building towering above. Go to the Top of the Rock.

And, this is a closeup, showing a reflection on the entire backside of the mirror. This is the convex side and I am behind the flash
~% D.

Charlie photographed and wrote in greater detail about this as well, check out his blog for this and more.