Thursday, November 09, 2006

Can't see the Milky Way...

This is a terrific picture of Top of the Lawn at night taken by Charlie of Astronomical Observations blog. One can see what we affectionately call the "gegenschein" rising broadly in the center of the picture. Just right of the tallest building capped with the dome-shaped light in the center of the picture is the general area of Times Square that contributes much to that glow. I don't think that it is caused by lights shooting straight up into the sky (and that happens with event spotlights) but a result of bouncing and reflecting lights off of all the surfaces in that area. All the way to the right is the CitiCorp building with the two red lamps atop and this building produces its own tower of light.
Both light sources are used to judge the clarity of the city night sky. It is easy to see whether it is low rise, broad, and diffused or high rise, narrow, and sharp.
Now that I have the same camera as he does, I'll have to get me own photo of this shot.