Monday, January 01, 2007

Bringing in the New Year - 2007

Happy New Year from the Top of the Lawn.

With my family abroad, I chose to celebrate the coming and celebration of the New Year with Team TotL and others that we regularly meet. Mark brought the champagne and Basque port with some beautiful Turkish glasses. His wife stayed in the warmth of the car until the last minute before the fireworks went off.

Charlie, Kin, Mark, and I lifted glasses to the start of the New Year. In contrast to the thousands that I left on my street, I met Charlie about 11:15pm, he was all alone and looked a bit cold as I approached. Kin would arrive by bike and Mark came walking up from the west and eventually hundreds gathered.

The geese and ducks flew north against a white, tufted backdrop thick enough to hide Moon's location. Not even a hint. Andy & Masha, even though he suggested this the night before, were missed from our little cluster among the other stellar groups. Reliably, Carol & Doggey passed by and exchanged greetings.Everyone cheered and applauded with each burst of light over the city skyscape.

Since I have spent a considerable amount of time with these folks and I consider them close as family, it made sense to share the celebration with them. I wish everyone a happy, healthy New year with many clear, dark nights.

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