Saturday, March 03, 2007

Takahashi bins grabs the brighter fuzzies

In the field, I use PleiadAtlas predominantly as my field guide. There is a harmony of the way it works and the way I work. Here are a handful of screen grabs from the Tungsten T3 and mosaic'ed & marked up with gimp.

On the last two sessions that I have been out on, I split the night between two different optics: Takahashi binoculars & Harry, a 6" F/6 reflector. The illustration shows a convenient starhop of bright Messier catalog open clusters. One's not limited to those, there is a lot going on in Puppis - Canis Major area that is within the grab of the bins. Also much more is west and north of Orion, the Winter sky is rich with bright fuzzies.

M67 & M46 are two of the Messiers that are beyond reach of detection for the Tak bins in the city sky. The 6' was able to grab M67 as a faint, slightly resolving ghostly glow on the sky background. My impression was that it is rich in stars. I didn't throw the 6" on M46 - another time.