Tuesday, August 21, 2007

many moons ago ... and recently

Click image for larger marked up version.

Came across a lunar photo taken by astromick "moon earlier this month" (displayed to the left). When I saw it , it struck a nerve. Looked familiar. It did because it resembles the same image on my desktop photo. My photo was originally posted in the "Team TotL Assembles" posted back in November of 2006.

Overlooking the differences in quality, one can recognize and compare distinctive landmarks along the terminator, from north to south: crater Bürg in the center of Lacus Mortis, east of Aristoteles/Eudoxus pair with smaller craters Plana & Mason on the shore of the lake; Posidonius on the eastern shore of Mare Serenitatis, Fracastorius on the southern edge of Altai Scarp and Piccolomini a little bit south.

If one looks at the western limb past crater Grimaldi, one sees on astromick's image that libration is more favorable for Mare Orientale. Those little dark squiggles with mare colored floors are two lakes, Lacus Autumni & Veris, I look for when trying to locate and identify Mare Orientale.

Moving north along the western limb, Oceanus Procellarum shows more area as it is rocked in. Sinus Roris and Mare Frigoris appear farther from the limb. The triangle created with Aristarchus, Copernicus, and Kepler also appears rocked in farther from the limb.

image credit: astromick "moon earlier this month"
image credit: tags "Team TotL Assembles"