Saturday, November 17, 2007

Small city. News spreads fast.

Session name: 20071117.1330

While passing through Union Square, heard some chess players chatting to one another while they wait for challengers and overheard them speak of the guy with the huge camera. "I don't know what he's photographing but he should be taking pictures of me." said one of them just before he chuckled.

I looked around to see Lincoln inside of the park with others nearby. I asked what's up and he gestured to the tree where a Buteo jamaicensis perched stately on a Gleditsia triacanthos. As I stood there, pedestrians like me pulled out our point-n-shoots while Lincoln and what seemed to be a growing number of birders accumulated beneath the Red-tailed Hawk. I said to myself, "Word spreads fast."

Check out Lincoln's site of spectacular photographs of red-tailed hawks around the city.

Who's Pale Male?

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