Sunday, February 24, 2008

2nd Annual ISAN & Yuri's Night

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12 April 2008 is the 2nd Annual International Sidewalk Astronomy Night (ISAN), same day as Yuri's Night. Two celebrations, one for astronomy, another for manned space program.

19 May 2007 was last year's date but we were rained out here. The following day it cleared enough where a few groups set up around the city to hold the first annual International Sidewalk Astronomy Night from Central Park.

I haven't decided where I'll be this year. I'll coordinate with others,especially folks from AAA of NYC I may return to the south side of the Great Lawn but am considering a higher traffic area with good exposure from south to west. Moon, Mars, and Saturn will no doubt be the highlights. I'll post updates in the future.

Snipped from Yuri's Night '08
12 April 1961 marks mankind's first flight into space with Soviet cosmonaut, Yuri Gagarin. 20 years later to the date the Space Shuttle was launched on her maiden flight, STS-1.

I attended the party at CUNY Graduate Center where Greg Olsen shared his experience with training and flight with the Russians to the ISS. I really enjoyed his presentation. Other speakers included astronaut Tom Henricks and mathematician Dr. Edward Belbruno. After the event, I picked up an autographed book from Ed Belbruno, Fly Me to the Moon.

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