Sunday, February 22, 2009

Saturday afternoon at the Great Lawn

Session name: 20090221.1300

Gather round the scopePedestrians approach with curiosity and take in views of crescent Venus through the scope and binoculars. Tom describes why Venus is in crescent phase.

Many are astounded that Venus can be observed with the unaided eye in the day. Where do we look?

Conveniently a plane flies nearby. Serving as a "landmark", we can use this to guide people where to look. In its absence, we described Venus locations in terms of light and dark gradients in the clouds. Can you see the plane flying towards Venus in this wide field (click the image above for larger version)?

Same image as above but cropped Here's another image shortly after the plane passed Venus. Look above the contrail at an 8:45 ~ 9 o'clock direction (to the left) of the plane.

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