Monday, May 08, 2006

Moon from Gapstow Bridge

This is one of a bunch of shots taken of Moon while watching the Peregrine Falcons. The sky was hazy all day long with some high clouds passing through, really just a poor sky. As sunset came on it became easier to see the lunar features that didn't stand out earlier.

I met for a second day at Gapstow Bridge in the southeastern corner of Central Park. I brought two instruments with me to observe the falcons. The Tele vu Ranger with an 8mm plossl eyepiece was used with the camera. The Tak bins shared time on Moon and the female hawk. I don't think I went there as much to do bird watching than to face the challenge of photographing the falcon and Moon. It is tough and I can only admire those that photograph. I downloaded Gimp but have yet to learn how to use it. My primary stop for astrophotography is Vern's blog, second stop is Andrew's, and Ian's typically posts his efforts. All are worth the visit.

Three craters: Copernicus, Bullialdus, and Tycho prominently sat distributed across the face near the terminator. Bullialdus is the middle smaller crater in Mare Nubium. Clavius is pretty striking at the south end of Moon (to the right in the photo). To the north Plato is well into the late lunar morning light.