Thursday, May 04, 2006

Pale Male Jr. & Charlotte's Nest

This is a photo of Pale Male Jr & his spouse Charlotte's nest on the Trump Parc building. The empty nest sits precariously unrooted ~37 floors above the city street. The nest clutches to nothing on the ledge and appears that a strong gust could send the nest bye bye.

The other day I took a peek for a few minutes and showed my daughter one of the hawks in the nest. Only one was seen at that time. After seeing one of the red-tailed hawks flying around while I was TotL last weekend, I figured it was time to look in on these hawks. Not everyone has a view of them because of where they're situated. I'm sort of lucky.

This page has more pictures and descriptions. In fact, Ben's alter ego, a birder, is mentioned here on the page. His observational skills are not limited to a star-studded nightly dome. While you're at Linclon's site meander about the rich set of photos he makes available. Lots of great images of Central Park, her denizens, citizens, and pedestrians captured in a moment of time.