Monday, October 23, 2006

Weekend sunrises

Saturday morning, 20061021.0725. Sunrise at Carl Schurz Park. Chased the last crescent moon but unsuccessful. Beautiful sunrise while the promenade offers a sample of the growing energy for a day in the city.
Sunday morning, 20061022.0725. Fabulous sunrise where we saw "Omega" form hoping to see a green flash. We missed that, too, but we did see a phenomenal sunrise that exhibited a lot of character from a tube-shaped Sun to Omega when it detached from a second inverted Sun. All this on the horizon looking out from Orient Point, Long Island, New York after an all-nighter at Custer Institute. (Maps: google || Live Local)

One of a series of photos showing Sun. (Not much happening in terms of sunspot activity, just a few in the northeastern quadrant.)