Saturday, November 25, 2006

The Old Moon in the New Moon's Arms

Session name: 20061124.1730

Through a Takahashi 6x30 finderscope.

Pretty windy from the moment I arrived at 5:30pm to get a photo of the 4 day Moon. Didn't get a keeper, seeing was very poor low in the sky, the boiling I saw was evident in the shots. In the interest of gettting a crescent in my portfolio I passed up watching a darkside occultation of a mag 6 star. This star was later observed a good distance from the bright limb during last looks through the eyepiece. I packed up shortly after watching Moon set into our lovely cityscape with the wind still blowing.

On my way out around 7:30pm I wondered if any others of Team TotL would appear. I was leaving behind a clear dark sky with Pleiades rising above the treetops, Taurus and Orion still caught behind the trees. Was Mother Nature playing with me? I don't think I felt the wind that blowing on my way out.