Saturday, January 20, 2007

logbook preference

My sixth field observing logbook is nearing completion. There was a small deviation from the typical Moleskine Pocket Plain Book I love to use. Because the binding is on the short side for the Moleskine Reporter Style Pocket Notebook I thought in terms of landscape as opposed to portrait. I thought I would have more freedom to use the paper in a long 11" x 3.5" rather than 7" x 5.5". It turns out I am not a fan of that one and can't wait to complete the 5 pages that remain.

I'll return to the standard style.

But what about the price? At Border's Books, they sell the Reporter style, $9.95 printed on the Moleskine label on the back. They don't have the portrait one in stock. I go to a stationery store where they do carry both and they sell for $11.95. No price printed on the Moleskine label, just a white sticker. Wanting to purchase locally rather mailorder, the Reporter shows up and the price ranges ranges between those two limits. Only one place I found the regular one.

I have a couple new Moleskines stashed but of Reporter and larger size. I want to remain married to the book I adore. Gotta make up mind quick and act!, unless the weather continues to be overcast.