Monday, March 05, 2007

tools in the palm of the hand

I have added another resource to compliment tools used in the field: photos grabbed from the web and stored on an SD card. Out into the field they go with the Palm Tungsten T3.

My primary lunar resource in the field is Astromist, a superb app for the Palm. Check out the features of the Moon Assistant on Cyrille's web page. This utility alone makes the app worth every cent. On those sessions when Charlie, Kin, and I cavort about the lunar landscape, the Moon Assistant helps us identify features.

Sometimes it is difficult to identify features on the limb dbecause those features suffer from foreshortening. In this case, I have been using images grabbed from Vern's website. Some of his images show a favorably librated eastern limb. This comes in handy clearly pointing out the different features of found in Mare Marginis or Mare Australe. I also loaded a marked up close up of Mare Australe created by Alan Chu and found within his fantastic Moon Book.

Here are a couple of the images on the Palm.

A screen grab of Astromist. Three levels of zoom, this is step 2 with focus on crater Lyot in M. Australe.

Screen grab of Alan Chu's marked up photograph on the Palm. AcidImage displaying at 71% of original size.

One of the few images of Vern's moon pictures. Very useful to identify features along the limb. Able to zoom beyond 100% and still able to identify features.

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A list of the items used on the Palm.

Palm Tungsten T3 the PDA.
LinkeSOFT ScreenShot 2.4 to grab these images

Astromist consists of many astronomy applications underthe hood of a unifying interface. Loaded with features and images.

Acid Image to display the photos on the Palm.
Vern's photographs swim through his lunar category archive to see these & more.
Alan Chu's Mare Australe from the excellent resource, "Photographic Moon Book" (very large).