Sunday, April 22, 2007

Oh this is scary ...

After a month of poor weather, we getting a streak of clear blue skies. Already two decent nights of observing and the forecast looks good for tonight and tomorrow. Wonder if I'll be drawn out tonight after our annual Cherry Blossom picnic with friends in the park.

With Moon waxing and advancing eastward there's not much time left to starhop for the Virgo-Coma galaxies. Otherwise, I am waiting for next month and the Spring sky will culminating by the time astronomical darkness sets in. From TotL observatory, that means passing through the manhattan-Gegenschein - not a good thing.

As Charlie & I parted last night, his last words were if it's clear then I'll be down. Funny enough as he said this Jupiter was on his way up. Still a little too late for curfew enforced observatory.