Saturday, September 01, 2007

20070901 - Looking clear for this evening

Saturday morning a waning 19 day Moon in Aries is setting in the west, it drops below the horizon at 11:25am. It rises again at 9:32pm, rising above the trees of TotL an hour & half later. I plan to be at the top of the Great Lawn, arriving at sunset and into the night. With such clear air maybe others will join.

Jupiter and Moon will be obvious objects. Looking in Cassiopeia and Perseus, we can observe open clusters in our Milky Way arms. Some are nearby in the Orion stub and others are more distant in the Perseus Arm. In the same part of the sky, looking out of our galaxy we'll see our sister galaxy, the Great Andromeda Galaxy. All of these are bright objects easily observed in the NYC sky.

Some write-ups of what's up in the sky:
Vern's weblog, scroll down to 26 Aug 2007
Check out his photos while you're there.

Amateur Astronomers Association of New York City (AAA), The table of Contents on the left side, under the section Observing, select "This Month's Sky".

Want more photos? Lately, I drop by astromick to see photos of what I had seen the previous night. The picture of crater Petavius captures the same view with spectacular detail that we observed the other night when Liat and Stan stopped by.

Let Kumiko S. Usuda give some instruction and projects that help us understand the structure of the Milky Way galaxy. A great project for kids.