Monday, February 25, 2008

Globe At Night - 2008

Globe At Night - 2008
(magnitude charts )
Naked eye observations to assess sky brightness around the globe is underway today.

Globe at Night is the organization that coordinates the event, prepares instructions, provides training, magnitude charts, and circulars announcing the event. The comparative star charts enable you to assess easily your sky's transparency by comparing your observation of Orion with that of the charts.

In 2007, GAN had collected 8,491 observations. Support the 2008 effort by participating from NYC, one of the brighter places on the globe. Download & print the magnitude charts and look up and choose the star map that resembles your view and then submit a report to GAN. It's that easy.

Since I was out last night (Session 20080224.1900), I turned my attention to Orion. He stood a little west of manhattan-south - about 280* azimuth - which placed him roughly above Times Square from point of view. Thin stratus clouds advanced from the west and gathered beneath him. Given the conditions I was able to see all the stars that are shown on the Magnitude 4 chart and even more. My sky was not as rich as the one depicted in a Magnitude 5 chart . My guess is magnitude 4.6 ~ 4.8, considering my visual acuity.

If it is a clear weekend night stop by the top of the Great Lawn for naked eye and telescope viewing of the Heavens. In addition to Orion, observe some of the celestial treats in other easily constellations like Mars in Taurus, galactic clusters in Canis Major, beautiful and colorful multiple star Monoceros, among many, many more visible from the heart of New York City.

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