Thursday, May 08, 2008

Astronomy in NYC

The beginning of agrowing list that outlines astronomy resources in and around the city.

Amateur Astronomers Association (AAA)
NYC’s oldest astronomy organization with a diverse program of special interests.

NYSkies Astronomy Inc.
The premiere support group for home astronomy in New York.

Public Outreach
AAA - Observing
The AAA described above conducts regularly scheduled public observing events across the boroughs of NYC. A fine gorup of people sharing optics and knowledge to gain an appreciation for observing the celestial objects in the sky..

Columbia University Observatory
Columbuia U’s service to the general public with lectures and open dome nights. Sign up for email alerts.

Top of the Lawn
Informal group of dedicated amateur observers from the Great Lawn in Central Park. Most clear weekend nights around the northern perimeter.

Astronomical Observations
A NYC amateur observer that takes to the street often - day & night - and records his observations with a analytical eye.

Hayden Planetarium
A beloved institution that operates within the new Rose Center for Earth and Space of the American Museum of Natural History (AMNH). Regularly scheduled programs and special events. In general, AMNH regular exhibits spans many science disciplines.

A retailer that has earned my trust, confidence, and loyalty. The Astronomy dept on the fifth floor is operated by Mike Peoples, an amateur astronomer friendly to amateur astronomers and enthusiasts. Seasoned or new - a first stop before any other.

B&H Photo
A large retailer that many use for astronomy and photography supplies. If you know what you want you'll find great value. If you prefer one-n-one and some attention, look to Adorama.

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