Wednesday, October 06, 2010

20101005 - Happy Anniversary Team TotL!

fireworks over skyline05 October 2003.

7 years of sidewalk astronomy, observing and sharing the Solar System and well beyond to other galaxies with Team TotL. I've had a wonderful time at the lawn with Charlie, Ben, Tom, Ken, Kin, V, Hawaiian George, Gregory, Debbie & Ben, Andy, Mitch, Carol, TimesUP, Alexander the mathematician, Mark, Hannah, Alberto & Genie, Didier, Stan, Alexandra, and Hugo, to mention a few. Wishing all the TotL'ers a great year, clear skies, and many opportunities to look up.

A timestamp that marks the beginning when TotL began at TPO, on the other end of the lawn.

We are still active, regularly observing from the top of the Great Lawn in Central Park.

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