Sunday, May 16, 2010

20100515 - Crescent Moon & Venus over NYC

Session name: 20100515.1900
Location: TotL

Objects observed:
Satellites: ISS, 1 unknown satellite through Bootes
Solar System: Moon, Venus, Mars, Saturn, meteor passing Arcturus
Deep sky: M3, M13, M57, M65*, M66*, M81, M82 (* attempted, not observed)

At sunset looking west over NYC, Venus and the crescent Moon.

Session Details:
Optics: Teleport 10" reflector; magnifications used 32x, 75x, 98x, 181x
Observing party: Peter, Tom, George, 'D'
Visitors: 4 dozen++
Weather: Mostly clear, 1 ΒΌ day Moon in Taurus, occasional light breeze; high, thin cirrus clouds and faster moving sheets of altostratus; cool comfortable temperature
Seeing: I
Transparency: Good; no Milky Way
NELM: --

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