Thursday, May 11, 2006

Central Park Experience Culminates

On Sunday, I blogged about an afternoon spent birdwatching with Ben on the north side of the Pond. Many persons stopped but one gentleman in particular I mentioned, Steve, who stayed with us a while. We had a good time watching the birds below us in the pond and the falcon on the GM building, easily a 1000 feet away. Ben & I had digital cameras attached to our scopes, which Steve spoke of his photography experience and offered some tips. Later Steve expressed how fun the afternoon and as a token of his appreciation he offered a photograph he took of birds.

Today I was delighted to receive a photograph that Steve had offered as a token of appreciation. Further, it was snail mail. Prior to his leaving that day I give him my address. I am so detached from receiving regular post (other than bills & adverts) that it was a pleasure to relive the day in his words. He goes on to explain that the photograph was taken of "... snow geese getting up for breakfast on a cold December morning in Bosque del Apache, south of Albuquerque, New Mexico."

Thank you, Steve. Much appreciated; and, come join us under the stars one night.