Friday, July 14, 2006

Time to move on

The weather hasn't been so great here so when the Sun began to shine I decided to look up. I continued with the manhattan henge sunset effect which was beter today. Holding a solar filter that I use with my Tak refractor, I was able to watch the Sun set into the building on the Jersey side of the Hudson River.

As described previously, the summer ecliptic lies more shallow than the spring ecliptic causing the Sun to move horizontally as well as vertically during its apparent descent. So this setting effect seen down the streets is not restricted to one specific day. It will occur for a few days to come. Since the 57th St. and 7th Ave. intersection is nearby my home, I snapped a couple of photos of the Sun setting into the building.

During sunset, unadulterated solar splash

Sunset behind the building that sits on the New Jersey shore.

Like "monkey see, monkey do", people saw me standing in the street snapping photos or walking away from having taken some and they would hold their cameras and point-n-shoot into the general direction that I was shooting. I was amused because a lot of people did this. Only a couple asked and they asked to look through the filter.

Since the escalations in the mideast with Israel, Lebanon, Syria and Iran, the police presence around Carnegie Hall increased. Thanfully the police didn't bat an eye when I run into the middle of the street to hold up this silly filter every time the traffic light changed. Anything goes in the city. The gothamist has a link to a youtube video that sort of reinforces this.

Lastly, I couldn't get enough of that burger flavor that I went back to Madison Sqaure Park for more. Since the weather was fine, the line three times as long as the night before. I gotta admit them Shake Shack burgers are damn good and worth the effort! As for the hot dogs, you won't be missing anything if you pass on them.

This had been sitting the drafts. If not anything else, some pictures of New York.