Monday, May 29, 2006


Much is written about this event where front row seats - any seats for that matter - are in Manhattan only. Charlie had spoke of and planned for this event so when he said he was going to watch it from 34th & Park, I assumed that he would be the all alone like a misplaced scientist with his tripod mounted camera in the middle of the street. Far from it...

Looking down (manhattan-south) Park Ave when the traffic light turned red.

Another shot, looking northeast into the intersection during red light.

I was more amused by the people that assembled here just two blocks east of the Empire State Building. I can only assume that a number of other cross streets were people magnets from where one witnesses this twice a year sunset. This will occur again on 11 July when he Sun aligns once again. If we could only arrange a total solar eclipse at the same time.

Time was suspended while all this was happening. Impressive was seeing Sun emerge from the north side of the Empire State Building and then float centered above the New Jersey shore.. The certain magnificance was reinforced by the throng that attended and held reverence for Sol. I guess minutes ticked by as the traffic light was regulated a beat that orchestrated people from street to curb to street to curb. This happened at least four times.

The solar orb was a hypnotic orange, easily observed naked eye and through the hand held bins. I had the bins away from my eyes so I didn't notice the spots Charlie and I saw yesterday. They weren't that large anyways. Sol creeped north along as it sank lower the street window

Waiting for the crescent Moon to appear from behind the Empire State Building

And there were more people with film cameras than I expected. I think phone cameras still walked away as most popular.