Thursday, May 25, 2006

Three nights...raccoon eats

For the past three observing sessions, Charlie and I saw this raccoon on our way out of the park at various spots. Each evening, he was on top of a garbage can getting his eats. This evening he picked up food from the garbage can at the foot of the tree and took flight to higher, safer ground. Charlie, Kin, or I would surely try to pick it from his paws if we had the chance.

I felt like guilty armed with the camera knowing full well I was going to blast tanuki with a flash. Shame on me, but I promised my daughter I'd snap a shot of her.

It's not uncommon to see raccoons in the park, even families of them. And their high pitched screeches are unmistakeable. On of Donna's blog there's a cut pic of I like, check out a photo found on one of her posts . Apparently, the birdwatching regulars in that area of the park know that raccoon well.