Wednesday, June 21, 2006

Solstice in New York

Solstice, New York style at the McGraw-Hill Building on 6th Ave. Well Solstice passed, this is our huge sundial gnomon as the Sun Triangle indicating high noon.

Checkout Charlie's blog of Vernal Equinox (scroll down to 20 March 2003). Charlie has some nice photos marked up and offer another perspective of the Sun Triangle from March. Charlie was also here today so he may have some photos up on his current blog.

The plague found at the foot of the Sun Triangle describing "how it works".

The following photos are a chronological sequence. One can see the shadow move from west to east as Sun appears to travel from east to west. Also note how the crowd grows and then disappears minutes after the event. There were a couple of latecomers but they missed the "moment" - though the "moment" did not bestow anything magical to the fortunate ones. It doesn't look like many people but minutes earlier only one guy, the young one with the black tee shirt, was there waiting and watching the shadow.

Looking from the east, shadow is west of the gnomon. Open triangle in the direction of south, pointed end north.

This shadow slightly past noon. One can see the edge developing on the west side as the shadow will grow to the right (east).

A small crowd had assembled and looked up the edge of the triangle. Remember all the warnings we've heard of not looking directly at the Sun? No compliers here.

This shows how long I stayed here for as the shadow has grown substantially to the east.