Monday, November 27, 2006

20061125 - Moon descends over TimeWarner Center

Session name: 20061125.1730

Lovely southern horizon from TotL

This is the skyscape on Saturday evening. I met up with Charlie and Kin and we observed until midnight. The clouds had moved in and by the time we were packed it was pretty much clouded out.

Charlie's picture and Ben's picture better represent how our night sky appears when looking manhattan-South. (Theirs are taken on different sessions.) Absent in this photo but clear in theirs are the sharp light towers that radiate from distinct spots on this horizon. The CitiCorp building, located on the right of the photo and right on the tree line generally issues one narrow beam straight up. A broader glow from Times Square, located further right of the lighted, domed building near center, serves as a quick indicator as to the quality of our evening sky. If it is diffused, lacking any clear borders, the sky is considered bad.

Hawaiian George had stopped by, observed with us and shared a bit about his background and influences of his art. As a sculptor, George described some techinques with working with bronze and ho it reacts under different treatments. He spoke of works by others that are in MoMA, particularly Umberto Boccioni.

About the time George was considering to go, Time's Up arrived. The crowd may have prompted George to mount his folding bike and ride off to the east from where he came. George will return again on another evening.

Time's Up's Midnight ride is another rhythm in my life. Sometimes weather stands in the way from me being present but their monthly ritual ride is just as much an experience for me as it for them. Charlie and I didn't realize it was this Saturday. Kin noticed in the south western corner, a long line of dotted lights making their way north. They arrive and park the bikes, 25 ` 30 riders tonight. Richard, the coordinator of this ride, was bearing gifts, Clementines. How refreshing these were! The crowd was nice as usual and we showed them Orion's Nebula in the telescope and Pleiades in the binoculars. Next month Saturn will be coming up over the trees by the time they arrive. Bring those snacks - they're appreciated :^D