Tuesday, November 28, 2006

Both eyes

Image obtained from Wikipedia.

Since I've got the Nikon Coolpix 995 I have taken more photographs than I have ever taken. This camera's design is way cool! There must be a degree of truth behind Charlie's comment, "Some love it. Others hate it." Me? I'm sharing the love.

Couple the timing of getting the camera with being exposed to those red/cyan anaglyphs, 3D pictures, at Adorama, the camera shop where I buy most of my astro accessories. Now part of my photo experience is to take stereo shots. I snap a left photo then a step or two to the right and snap again. All low tech and approximated, hoping the pics can be adjusted in GIMP. I've followed this GIMP tutorial with great ease. I haven't experimented with swapping the cyan & red channels to see the effect. The distance between the left and right are too far. With a little practice I 'm sure I'll be able to get this down. And NASA's various mission sites have a lot of material to work with.

As part of the work flow, I have the wife and daughter check the quality. Wife thinks the glasses look silly and I look sillier wearing them. Without waiting for a volley, she continues, "Now you're into 3d photos? Does that mean the bookshelf will fill up with new titles?" Only if I can find 'em at Strand. ~% D

But I am going to need to get us some "pro" 3D glasses better than free paper ones. She doesn't agree with me that all photos should have a 3D experience.

A shot of St. Patrick's Cathedral's spire taken from the middle of West 51st Street. Too wide of steps between shots.

Snapshot of Empire State Building from Madison Square Park after downing a Shack Burger & fries.

Created using material found at Open Tutorial which included links to JPL's Mars Rover images.