Tuesday, May 29, 2007

20070528 - Manhattanhenge

Session name: 20070528.1900

Manhattanhenge 2007 sequenceSunset observed from 34th & Park Ave.

The turnout this year was nothing like last year. Charlie & I shared our curb with a couple who came in from New Jersey. Across the avenue to our west, other photographers and sightseers watched the sun emerge and set in a hazy sky. Rather than filter the solar disk, the haze just smeared the light with a brighter center. The sun was weak when observed through a solar filter.

A shot of Venus setting into the foreground rooftop, the Empire State Building in Memorial Day colors.

A montage of close-ups.

Grand Central Station Mercury Clock

Hung out for a while at 34th & Park to watch Mercury cross the street. Determined that it wouldn't show up until 9:20pm so Charlie & I decided to move on. Found Mercury earlier than suspected. When I arrived at West 57th St., I pulled out the 7x50 bins to see Mercury as a ruddy-colored point still more than 5 degrees in altitude.