Monday, May 28, 2007

Update: Manhattanhenge on 28 May 2007

20070528.2017 - Sunset for Manhattanhenge

(photo from last year, read about it here)

There is correspondence bouncing around Team TotL that Manhattanhenge May 2007 is tonight. Charlie referenced the Manhattan-henge article on the Hayden Planetarium website. I referenced a message from their email newsletter service star-struck. This article provides the following sunset dates for Manhattan-henge around these dates:
  • May 28 at 8:10 PM
  • July 11 at 8:27 PM
It appears that most will observe the event tonight, especially since I heard this date more than once from others. I'll most likely join others at 34th & Park Ave. Arriving by 8pm will be adequate to watch the sun set into New Jersey, requiring at least 15 minutes before sunset. Sunset is the time when the sun's upper limb descends below the horizon. That is the Sun has disappeared from our view. To observe the Manhattanhange, one begins watching prior to sunset.

It has been a lot of fun in the past and the energy created by the interested persons is uplifting. In spite of its small scale, it is one of those events that brings New Yorkers together in harmony. Where else can one see when a traffic light change for red and a hundred or more people rush the center line flashing away?

Lastly, listen to the caution that many will voice: Don't look at the Sun directly as it is harmful and dangerous to one's eyesight.

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