Sunday, June 10, 2007

June crescent moon alert

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The time of the month for crescent moons is approaching. This month offers the second best bracket interval of the year for our location. If the weather permits then this interval could be as close as 39 hours between the two observations. Absolutely a personal best if it occurs. A confluence of events has to occur to have the right conditions and for this one the significant variable will be the weather. I look forward to the challenge of the rising 28 1/2 day crescent because in absolute terms of time relative to the Sun, it will be the ~17h45m from New Moon.

The crescent conditions are provided below. They rise to each side of the Sun which happens to be near M1 between the horns of Taurus. On the day of the old crescent, Moon will rise with Pleiades which is ~7° further south along the horizon.

Old crescent moon
14 Jun :: predicted sighting 04:40 ~04:45 EDT
Age :: 28d13h (-17.7h prior to New Moon)
1.0% illuminated
11° 39' W elongation
Moderate; altitude at predicted time 1° 41'

Young crescent moon

15 Jun :: predicted sighting 20:50 ~ 20:55 EDT
Age :: 21h24m
1.2% illuminated
12° 50' E elongation
Easy; altitude at predicted time 6° 30'

Bracket the crescents
Interval - 39h