Monday, December 04, 2006

leisurely pace on updating

anaglyph of The Pond in the lower southeastern corner of Central Park.

This past weekend had a long session at Turtle Pond Observatory, better known as TPO. Observed the Moon with at least two dozen people and had some time shooting it. A young Frenchman, Jerome, spent some time observing the people and chatting. He was carrying a camera bag and I had hoped he'd offer tips but a hobby for him. Turns out some of the pics came out okay.

I went to Adorama on Sunday for the Celestron event (got another hat!) and to see Mike & Peter. It was great because there were many familiar people including team TotL, feeling as if we assembled for a meeting. Great interaction and got a demo of the Celestron SkyScout and their new hybrid spotting scope/camera, VistaPix IS70.

I've yet to to report on the weekend observations, predominantly Moon and Saturn. Very favorable libration tipped the eastern seaboard into view and the section of Moon along the terminator from craters Bailly to Shickard was fantastic.

anaglyph of trees and tangled branches about The Pond.